Effective Teaching and Effective Care — The Yin & Yang Of An Attending Physician

Teaching Effectiveness: This retrospective study correlated measures of attending workload, such as census and the number of admissions and discharges, with resident evaluations of the attending and patient outcome measures. Mean census and the number of discharges were correlated with lower teaching scores whereas the number of admissions was correlated with an increase in teaching scores and an increase in patient safety events. While the data will not surprise the tired attending reading this review, it highlights the challenges of balancing the demands for increasingly complex assessments of learners against the challenges of providing care in a system where reimbursement is driven by quality. Hospitals and residency programs will need to consider these conflicting demands as they design their teaching services. — Michael Kelly, MD

Wingo M, et al, Comment on “Associations Between Attending Physician Workload, Teaching Effectiveness, and Patient Safety” Journal of Hospital Medicine January, 2016

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