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Entrustable Professional Activities Through Mastery Learning

Entrustable Professional Activities: Assessment of competency-based education is an ongoing challenge as medical schools are tasked with instilling the AAMC’s EPAs in their graduates.  Capstones, bootcamps, and other transition to residency courses have been developed to decrease variability in readiness … Continue reading

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Failure To Thrive: Predicting Interruption In Academic Progress Using A Growth Chart Metaphor

At Risk Students:  Early identification of students who may be at risk for interrupted academic progress (i.e., having to repeat a course, an entire academic year or facing dismissal) is essential for professors, learning specialists, and those in academic affairs. … Continue reading

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US News And World Report Rankings Remain Deeply Flawed And Far Too Influential 

Rankings: In this thoughtful commentary, the author describes the US News and World Report formula used to rank medical schools and quotes dean Robert Alpen of Yale that “there’s nothing really in (the) formula that is really evaluating the quality … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Much About Entrustable Professional Activities Or Learner Handovers For Medical Students

Enstrustable Professional Activities & Learner Handovers: Two scoping reviews reinforce our overall lack of knowledge about how to employ EPAs and learner handovers, the feeding forward of prior learner performance.  The reviewers of articles on EPAs found only 26 empirical … Continue reading

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