Peer Assisted Learning Boosts Student Confidence and Skills

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL): A study that included six pilot PAL projects demonstrated that students’ peer assisted learning experience can be enhanced by providing appropriate training in peer teaching and feedback (n=179). The impact of PAL included improvements in students’ confidence and ability to give feedback and developed students’ teaching, clinical and communication skills. Outcomes were based on survey results and focus group discussions. Participants noted deeper learning, openness to giving and receiving feedback and valued the comfortable/safe learning environment offered through PAL.-Sangita Phadtare, Ph.D.

Carr SE, Brand G, Wei L, Wright H, Nicol P, Metcalfe H, Saunders J, Payne J, Seubert L and Foley L. “Helping someone with a skill sharpens it in your own mind”: a mixed method study exploring health professions students experiences of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) BMC Medical Education. 2016.

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