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Best Time To Get Sick? Never!

Resident Transition: Chances are, many of us have heard of the saying, “Don’t get sick in July,” which refers to the perceived and possibly real association between the start of a new academic year and worse patient outcomes in teaching … Continue reading

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Make Sure The Patient Is Part Of Teaching Rounds

Rounds: This description of highly-structured inpatient internal medicine “chiefs’ service” rounds, as compared with usual teaching service rounds, is a useful reminder of the importance of bedside rounds including the patient, as opposed to hallway or conference room rounds.  Both the … Continue reading

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Warning About Predatory Publishers 

Publishing: These rapidly-proliferating publishers are probably preying on your residents and your faculty, given that “publish or perish” has worked its way into fellowship applications as well as academic promotions.  Predatory publishers are defined as those providing “rapid and loose reviews leading … Continue reading

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What Behaviors Could Increase The Chances Of U.S. Senior Medical Students To Match Into Residency Programs? 

Match: This analysis of the National Resident Matching Program Applicant Survey responses of senior medical students in US allopathic medical schools (“U.S. seniors”) compares survey responses from students who matched into a residency program vs. those who did not, and contains … Continue reading

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