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How Can We Make Diagnosis Safer?

A commentary on the study above suggests the creation of checklists for the top 20 or 30 symptoms, and suggests that the National Quality Forum take responsibility for this task. — Laura Willett, MD Schiff GD, Leape LL., Commentary: how … Continue reading

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The Faculties’ Side Of The Story

This qualitative study identified several key aspects of small group sessions which improved students’ learning. The study focused on interactive small group learning seminars consisting of approximately 25 students and one content expert facilitator. After a semester 24 facilitators attended … Continue reading

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Are Artificial Students Better Than The Real Thing?

This small pilot study suggests that preclinical medical students conducting respiratory and/or cardiovascular system examinations on a life-size patient manikin (SimMan) showed greater improvement in their ability and confidence to perform physical exams above those using peer examinations. In particular, … Continue reading

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