Mission Statement: To provide pithy, timely reviews of medical education research which has practical impact on the decisions made by “on the front lines” medical educators and course, clerkship, and program directors.

DR MERL stands for Dependable Reviews of Medical Education Research Literature. As the name implies, DR MERL is a collection of reviews of the latest research in medical education. Academic Medicine, Medical Education and Teaching and Learning In Medical Education are a few of the medical education journals regularly scanned by our reviewers to find interesting and relevant research articles. Physicians and medical school educators (from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and other medical schools) then write short 150-200 word reviews. The goal of DR MERL is to disseminate succinct reviews of medical education research to our teaching faculty to keep them up-to-date on the most important medical education research. DR MERL has over 150 reviews and covers both undergraduate and graduate medical education topics, such as evaluations, feedback, OSCEs, etc. DR MERL has a broad readership in the United States and internationally. DR MERL is endorsed by the Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA) of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).



Laura Willett, MD

Sarang Kim, MD
Deputy Editor


Kerry O’Rourke, MLS
Volunteer Editor


James Galt, EdM
Managing Editor/Designer



Lee Ann Shein, PhD

Sangita Pradtare, Ph.D.
Sangita Pradtare, Ph.D.



Dana Herrigel, MD
Michael Kelly, MD
Adrian J. De Gifis, Ph.D.
Aleksey Tentler, MD
Pamela Lunder, MD
Madeline Sterling, MD
Ahmed Khan, MD