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Can Clinical Reasoning Deficits Be Remediated?

  Yes, is the resounding answer from Dr. Guerrasio, who literally wrote the book on medical learner remediation.  The authors describe their institution’s experience remediating learners identified as having deficiency in clinical reasoning, most with co-existing deficits in other domains … Continue reading

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Have Your Attending (Not The Trainee) Decide If Intensive Care Is Futile

   In this extensive single-center study, critical care attendings and fellows generated more than 10,000 assessments regarding the futility of care provided to their ICU patients.  Attendings were much less likely than fellows (7% vs. 17%) to deliver an assessment … Continue reading

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For Diagnostic Reasoning Accuracy, Experience Helps — Time Pressure & Interruptions Don’t Hurt

  Forty-six US and Canadian ER attending physicians and 152 multi-specialty Canadian residents sitting for Part II qualifying exams were given 20 general medical diagnostic cases.  Attendings scored more correct answers (71%) than residents (43%).  Test-takers were randomly exposed to different … Continue reading

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Script Concordance Testing: the Holy Grail for Testing Clinical Reasoning?

    Unlike traditional OSCEs, script concordance testing (SCT) has been shown to differentiate expert physicians vs. novice learners in cross-sectional studies.  In this first longitudinal study of SCT, researchers show that two cohorts of medical students markedly improved their clinical … Continue reading

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