Do Licensing Exam Scores Predict Important Outcomes?

Exam Scores:  It looks like it, according to this study.  Researchers looked for a correlation between scores on the COMLEX (osteopathic physician licensing exams given in a similar sequence to USMLE exams) and major actions against physicians made by state licensing boards.  There was a strong negative correlation between the score and the chance of an adverse action, particularly for the Step 3 score; at least a trend was seen for scores on all of the exams. — Laura Willett, MD

Roberts WL, Gross GA, Gimpel JR, Smith LL, Arnhart K, Pei X, Young A., An Investigation of the Relationship Between COMLEX-USA Licensure Examination Performance and State Licensing Board Disciplinary Actions. Acad Med. 2019 Oct 15
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