An MD In 3 Years For Some – NYU’s Roadmap

Pathway:  This descriptive article of New York University’s program gives something of a roadmap to schools which are considering offering a similar option to their students.  The authors describe a much more flexible program than many other 3-year tracks.  All students admitted to the overall 4-year program can apply for the 3-year track, and students can opt-in at multiple different times including as late as the spring of second year.  Students can opt-out of the 3-year track and re-enter the 4-year track, or be required to re-enter the 4-year track because of academic or professionalism concerns, at any time.   This is made possible by a curriculum which is shared by students in both tracks with 18 months of pre-clinical instruction followed by 12 months of required clerkships.  Unlike many 3-year programs in which students must agree to go into a specified primary care residency after medical school completion, students can apply at entry to any of NYU’s residency programs, which save about 20% of their slots for students in the 3-year program.  Students in the program are also able to change their specialty, although few availed themselves of this opportunity.   The authors describe fairly intensive involvement of residency program directors in selection and multiple mentors and advisors for the students.  So far, the residency directors of these new residents are happy with their performance.   Some questions unanswered by the current publication are:  Are students in the 3-year- program much better prepared than other NYU students in any identifiable way?  How many students who applied to the 3-year track were turned down, and for what reasons?  What would happen if a residency program director becomes very uncomfortable with the promise of a guaranteed Match spot to a particular student?  Would this program work as well for a school with less prestigious residency programs?  Longer-term outcomes will be interesting. — Laura Willett, MD

Cangiarella J, Cohen E, Rivera R, Gillespie C, Abramson S. Evolution of an Accelerated 3-Year Pathway to the MD Degree: The Experience of New York University School of Medicine Acad Med. 2019 Oct 1.

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