Beware The Predatory Medical Journal!

Publishing: Anyone wishing to publish in open access medical journals should read this article first. The authors offer a comprehensive “red flag” checklist of bad practices to help avoid falling prey to illegitimate journals.   Things to look out for: Is there an editorial board? How is peer review conducted? Are there article processing charges or article submission charges? Does the publisher communicate via spam? How will the research be archived and indexed?  By clearly outlining the process in both traditional subscription-based and open access publishing models, the authors present a balanced overview of the concerns and benefits of scholarly communication in today’s world and provide an excellent tool to assist when submitting research to a journal that no one’s ever heard of before. — Victoria Wagner, MLS

Baker EF, Iserson KV, Aswegan AL, Larkin GL, Derse AR, Kraus CK; American College of Emergency Physicians Ethics Committee, Open Access Medical Journals: Promise, Perils, and Pitfalls, Acad Med. 2018 Dec

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