Don’t Know Much About…..Measuring Teamwork

Teamwork: Everyone agrees that the ability to work in teams is an important competency, but how do we know that our learners have achieved this?  One observer joined 20 internal medicine housestaff teams for one morning work rounds and evaluated them using 9 different published teamwork observation instruments.  The instruments for the most part included items in the same 5 domains: team structure, leadership, situation monitoring, mutual support, and communication.  All of the tools identified the same low outlier team, but other than that one agreement, there was wide variation in the ranking of the different teams by different instruments.  If ratings of teamwork are to become high-stakes, we would hope for more robust measurement tools. — Laura Willett, MD

Weingart SN, Yaghi O, Wetherell M, Sweeney M. Measuring Medical Housestaff Teamwork Performance Using Multiple Direct Observation Instruments: Comparing Apples and Apples.  Acad Med. 2018 Apr

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