Interns And More Senior Residents Fail To Meet Expectations In Different Ways

Milestones: In this study involving 20% of pediatric residency training programs in the US, milestone evaluations of residents rated marginal or unsatisfactory (M/U) were compared  to those of residents rated satisfactory.  Overall, fewer than 2% of residents were rated less than satisfactory, with interns (first-year residents) and international medical graduates slightly more likely to be categorized in this way.  On a 5-point milestone scale, M/U interns rated significantly lower in every subcompetency, with average ratings 0.60-0.97 below their “satisfactory” peers.  Two subcompetences discriminated very well between the groups of interns:  organization/prioritization and transfers of care.  With increasing resident seniority, the differences in average ratings between satisfactory and M/U residents became much more variable with the subcompetency, with the largest differences found in professionalism, trustworthiness, and transfers of care. — Laura Willett, MD

Li ST, Tancredi DJ, Schwartz A, Guillot A, Burke A, Trimm RF, Guralnick S, Mahan JD, Gifford KA; Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD) Longitudinal Educational Assessment Research Network (LEARN) Validity of Resident Self-Assessment Group. Identifying Gaps in the Performance of Pediatric Trainees Who Receive Marginal/Unsatisfactory Ratings. Acad Med. 2017 Jun

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