Residency Program Directors Like The Idea Of “Flipped Classroom” Active Learning, But Don’t Use It Very Often

Flipped Classroom: Only 56% of internal medicine program directors responded to survey questions regarding attitudes towards and use of “flipped classroom” techniques in their program, but their responses are likely somewhat representative.  Overall attitudes were positive, averaging about 4 on a 5-point scale, with slightly more positive perceptions towards in-class application exercises vs. pre-class readings or other preparation.  However, only 12% of program directors reported using these techniques “somewhat” or “very often”, and 59% reported using them “somewhat rarely”, “very rarely”, or  “never”.  Unsurprisingly, program directors with more positive attitudes reported greater use of these techniques. — Laura Willett, MD

Wittich CM, Agrawal A, Wang AT, Halvorsen AJ, Mandrekar JN, Chaudhry S, Dupras DM, Oxentenko AS, Beckman TJ.Flipped Classrooms in Graduate Medical Education: A National Survey of Residency Program Directors. Acad Med. 2017 Jun.

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