How Residents Die

Risk: In this survey of deaths of residents from all ACGME programs, malignancy and suicide were the most common causes of death.  Hearteningly, death rates from all causes and from suicide were substantially lower in residents than in the general population.  This is in distinction from suicide rates in practicing physicians, which are higher than the general population.  The time of highest risk for suicide was the first quarter of internship year.  The report reinforces the need for behavioral health care for our residents; fairly common causes of death included suicide, accidents, deaths of “ill-defined or undetermined intent”, and accidental poisoning. — Laura Willett, MD

Yaghmour NA, Brigham TP, Richter T, Miller RS, Philibert I, Baldwin DC Jr, Nasca TJ.Causes of Death of Residents in ACGME-Accredited Programs 2000 Through 2014: Implications for the Learning Environment.
Acad Med. 2017 May

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