When The Monday Before Match Day Is Not A Happy Day

Match: No research, and only a smattering of data, but this article is required reading for faculty counseling graduating MD students from the US with difficulty matching into residency.  A sizable percentage (6.2%) of US seniors did not gain a position during the 2016 primary Match; nearly half of these attained a position during the supplementary program (SOAP) in the days shortly before Match Day.  For those who do not (615 students in the 2016 Match), the authors review a number of options, including delay of graduation, obtaining a position outside of SOAP (fairly high success), re-entering the Match the following year in the same or different specialty (also fairly high success), pursuing interim activities to improve Match success, or pursuing a non-clinical career.  A systemic problem is that there is no centralized clearinghouse of open residency positions, which may occur off-cycle.  The authors also address more specific issues for school administrators such as policies/practices regarding delay of graduation, Dean’s Letter update, leave of absence from rotations following Match failure, and support for students post-graduation. — Laura Willett, MD

Bumsted T, Schneider BN, Deiorio NM. Considerations for Medical Students and Advisors After an Unsuccessful Match. Acad Med. 2017 March

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