Don’t Know Much About….Feedback

Feedback: This scoping review which describes what has been published in English regarding feedback to healthcare learners will be of interest mostly to researchers and those looking for a comprehensive view of the field.  The bulk of publications were from English-speaking countries and focused on medical students or residents in those countries.  Of publications with a specialty focus, a majority involved either internal medicine or surgery.  The overall level of the literature seems to be in a nascent stage.  For example, even though a majority of articles described a new approach to feedback, only 7.5% of articles involved randomization of learners.  Likewise, in the large number of articles that evaluated a feedback intervention, 57.7% confined that evaluation to the learners’ reaction to feedback, rather than measuring more important outcomes such as changes in care or behavior.  “High-level, evidence-based educational recommendations for feedback are lacking.” — Laura Willett, MD

Bing-You R, Hayes V, Varaklis K, Trowbridge R, Kemp H, McKelvy D. Acad Med. 2017 Feb 7. Feedback for Learners in Medical Education: What Is Known? A Scoping Review.

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