Faculty Development For Community-Based Faculty

Faculty Development: In this survey of North American family medicine clerkship directors, researchers focused on the use of community-based preceptors and how they are developed and rewarded. Sixty-nine percent of schools reported heavy reliance on community-based preceptors for their family medicine clerkship instruction.  Interestingly, 100% of Canadian clerkship directors reported giving direct monetary payments to their community-based preceptors, as opposed to 28% of US directors.  Among schools that paid their preceptors, the average payment was $263 per week.  Schools which paid their preceptors were much more likely to require those preceptors to participate in formal faculty development.  The most common form of formal faculty development was the in-person session, despite the largest barriers to participation being reported as preceptor availability and geographic distribution.  Various forms of distance learning were also utilized.  There was little evidence of rigorous needs assessment or evaluation of effectiveness for most community-based faculty development programs. — Laura Willett, MD

Drowos J, Baker S, Harrison SL, Minor S, Chessman AW, Baker D., Faculty Development for Medical School Community-Based Faculty: A Council of Academic Family Medicine Educational Research Alliance Study Exploring Institutional Requirements and Challenges. Acad Med. 2017 Feb 21.

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