Warning About Predatory Publishers 

Publishing: These rapidly-proliferating publishers are probably preying on your residents and your faculty, given that “publish or perish” has worked its way into fellowship applications as well as academic promotions.  Predatory publishers are defined as those providing “rapid and loose reviews leading to speedy publication in exchange for hefty publication fees.”  One academic “submitted a purposefully flawed scientific paper with meaningless results to 304 suspect journals.  A responsible peer review process would have promptly rejected the paper, yet over half of the journals accepted it.”  Not only are there many new predatory journals, some predatory publishers are purchasing existing journals in order to gain their PubMed index numbers.  How can responsible people fight back?  A first step might be to support efforts of people like librarian Jeffrey Beall and his list of predatory publishers, currently numbering 923! — Laura Willett, MD

Harvey, H. Benjamin MD, JD; Weinstein, Debra F. MD, Predatory Publishing: An Emerging Threat to the Medical Literature. Academic Medicine, Dec 2016

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