Creating Doctors For The Underserved

Primary Care: In this systematic review, the authors found that many factors were associated with becoming a primary care physician in an underserved urban or rural area in the US.  The most consistent associations in terms of numbers of positive studies were under-represented minority status, growing up in a rural area, receiving a National Heath Services (NHS) scholarship, and participation in a predoctoral or postdoctoral rural medicine track.  Mixed positive and negative results were seen in studies of international medical graduates, level of educational debt, and specialty.  For schools and program directors with a mission to improve primary care access of the underserved, as well as policy-makers with influence on NHS funding or specialized tracks, this information will be useful.

Goodfellow A, Ulloa JG, Dowling PT, Talamantes E, Chheda S, Bone C, Moreno G. Predictors of Primary Care Physician Practice Location in Underserved Urban or Rural Areas in the United States: A Systematic Literature Review. Acad Med. 2016

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