Am I Planning To Be Pregnant During Residency? Potentially Illegal Residency Interview Questions

Residency Interview: Time for some faculty development for faculty interviewing residency candidates.  In this survey of all US “Match” candidates with a 51% response rate, two thirds of residency applicants reported receiving at least one potentially illegal question during residency interviews.  Such questions included marital status, child-rearing plans, and commitments to rank a program highly, all of which are clearly not allowed by general employment law or “Match” rules.  Such questions were common among all respondents, but more common for female applicants and applicants to surgical specialties. — Laura Willett, MD

Hern HG Jr, Trivedi T, Alter HJ, Wills CP. How Prevalent Are Potentially Illegal Questions During Residency Interviews? A Follow-up Study of Applicants to All Specialties in the National Resident Matching Program. Acad Med. 2016

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