Teaching And Applying Quality Improvement During M&Ms

Quality Improvement: The US certifying body for residencies now requires involvement in QI (Quality Improvement) for all residents, so interest in successful programs should be high. In this report of 27 redesigned monthly morbidity and mortality (M&M) conferences, authors at University of Colorado describe how they choose cases/adverse events to highlight key QI domains, encourage routine inter-professional participation, and link lessons learned to ongoing improvement activities.  Investment of time appears to be substantial. “Case selection and careful curation of teaching points for facilitated discussion were both time and labor intensive because of the intentionality of the model.”  The program relied on faculty with QI training, a specifically designated chief resident for quality and safety, Graduate Medical Education office support, support from the hospital’s risk management and clinical effectiveness departments, and a vice chair for quality.   About 2 action items per case were generated, leading to the need for follow-up.  — Laura Willett, MD

Tad-Y DB, Pierce RG, Pell JM, Stephan L, Kneeland PP, Wald HL. Acad Med. 2016 Mar Leveraging a Redesigned Morbidity and Mortality Conference That Incorporates the Clinical and Educational Missions of Improving Quality and Patient Safety. Acad Med. 2016 Mar

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