How To Be A Trust-Worthy Intern

Internship Skills: More than 20,000 internal medicine residents completed a survey at the end of their in-training examinations, asking which skills from a previously-identified list were most important for those entering internship.  All identified skills were felt to be important, but the top three were “identifying when to seek additional help and expertise”, “prioritizing clinical tasks and managing time efficiently”,  and “communicating with other providers around care transitions”.  The subinternship and ward rotations were felt to be the courses that provided the best practice for these skills.  These skills are similar to those rated as important by internal medicine program directors. — Laura Willett, MD

Pereira AG, Harrell HE, Weissman A, Smith CD, Dupras D, Kane GC. Important Skills for Internship and the Fourth-Year Medical School Courses to Acquire Them: A National Survey of Internal Medicine Residents. Acad Med. 2016 Mar

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