The Learning Environment Survey Measures, At Least Partly, The Environment

Learning Environment: In a survey study of end-of-first-year medical students at 38 campuses, the medical school campus explained more than 15% of the variability in the environmental survey scores, whereas student characteristics explained only about 2% of the variability.  What remains to be explored is the source of most of the variability, and what factors educators can change to improve the environment.  The study was marred by widely variable response rates at different campuses (29-92%). — Laura Willett, MD

Skochelak SE, Stansfield RB, Dunham L, Dekhtyar M, Gruppen LD, Christianson C, Filstead W, Quirk M. Medical Student Perceptions of the Learning Environment at the End of the First Year: A 28-Medical School Collaborative.Acad Med. March 2016

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