Reflective Writing Ability Linked To Professionalism

Professionalism:  This retrospective study, from Indiana University School of Medicine, provides statistically significant evidence for a relationship between reflective writing ability and professionalism.  The study compares the quality of reflective writing works of students who received professionalism citations verses the writings of students who did not.  The reflective scores of the cited students were lower overall than the scores of a control group of students.  This data provides empirical evidence that “reflective ability is an essential component of professionalism” and that a lack of reflection can be shown as a cause for professionalism lapses.  –Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

Hoffman LA, Shew RL, Vu TR, Brokaw JJ, Frankel RM. Is Reflective Ability Associated With Professionalism Lapses During Medical School? Acad Med. January, 2016

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