How Can We Measure Inter-Professional Teamwork?

Teamwork In this timely systematic review, 64 different teamwork assessment tools were reviewed for validity, generalizability, outcomes, and feasibility, and compared to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)’s 4 inter-professional collaboration competencies.  The authors make a practical recommendation of 4 different tools, one for each competency.  Two of the tools test attitudes and have been used mostly in classroom environments.  Only one tool, the Teamwork Mini-Clincal Evaluation Exercise (T-MEX) evaluated behaviors in the clinical setting, and was found to be useful without extensive rater training.  However, “further research is needed to evaluate generalizability and establish additional validity evidence.” — Laura Willett, MD

Havyer RD, Nelson DR, Wingo MT, Comfere NI, Halvorsen AJ, McDonald FS, Reed DA. Addressing the Interprofessional Collaboration Competencies of the Association of American Medical Colleges: A Systematic Review of Assessment Instruments in Undergraduate Medical Education. Acad Med. 2015

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