EPAs (entrustable professional activities) Now For The Clerkships

EPAs are being used or investigated for use in the transition to independent practice, fellowship, and residency.  As the authors write, “Entry into clerkship is just an earlier transition point.”  The authors identified EPA content domains in speaking with 19 well-received pre-clerkship faculty members, 8 pre-clerkship students, and 3 clerkship year students.  The EPAs were then revised, described, and validated via linkage with previously defined competencies, consultation with an EPA expert, and discussion with convenience samples of local (San Francisco), national, and international educators.  The 5 proposed pre-clerkship EPAs focus on the Reporter (gathering, integrating, and communicating information with the care team and the patient) and Educator (providing resources to improve care) competencies. — Laura Willett, MD

Chen HC, McNamara M, Teherani A, Cate OT, O’Sullivan P. Developing Entrustable Professional Activities for Entry Into Clerkship. Acad Med. 2015 Nov 9.

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