What Have Been The Major Effects Of Resident Duty Hours Reforms? 

dutyhours   Hard to know for sure, according to this narrative review of the literature.  Only 10 RCTs were included here, along with 7 “well-designed controlled trials without randomization”, but overall 72 “high-quality” studies were included, and it is unclear how secular trends in patient safety were accounted for.  The most consistent effect was an increase in total cost to the healthcare/educational system (7 of 7 studies).  Less consistent data supported improvements in resident quality of life, resident education and performance, and patient complications.  Reassuringly, no study reported an increase in patient mortality following duty hours restrictions. — Laura Willett, MD

Lin H, Lin E, Auditore S, Fanning J. A Narrative Review of High-Quality Literature on the Effects of Resident Duty Hours Reforms. Acad Med. 2015 Oct 5.

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