Students Need More Than Web Lectures For Flipped-Classroom Prep

FLIPPED_CLASSROOM   More and more medical schools are currently using flipped classrooms in their curriculum. These are characterized by substantial pre-class preparation, while in-class time is focused on active student centered learning activities. The success of this method is thus largely dependent on student preparation prior to the session, which is a topic of debate. Typically, watching web lectures as a preparation has been recommended, but more recently, various other approaches are used to serve students’ personal learning preferences. The study describes student preparation in a basic science and a clinical course in which students predominantly used the same study materials. The observation that 40% to 50% of the students chose to combine basic materials with scientific papers, books, and formative test questions does not support the idea that web lectures alone are sufficient to prepare for student-centered in-class activities. It was advised to provide students clear study directions to prevent unfair study load and honor their time commitments. -Sangita Phadtare, Ph.D., Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Rianne A. M. Bouwmeester & Renske A. M. de Kleijn & Olle Th. J. ten Cate and Harold V. M. van Rijen & Hendrika E. Westerveld, How do medical students prepare for flipped classrooms? Medical Science Educator, 2015 October

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