Out with the OSCE checklists?

osce  Adding to data that checklists may not be the best way to evaluate observed clinical encounters (“Throw Out The Checklists (To Determine OSCE Failure)!  A Global Competent/Not Competent Rating Is Better“),researchers looked at internal medicine interns’ evaluations of history and physical examination skills as an external validity check on the US national licensing observed clinical skills test, USMLE 2 CS.  After accounting for other USMLE scores, including the USMLE 2 CS data interpretation score based on a written note regarding the encounter, the checklist data-gathering score did not provide any additional predictive information regarding subsequent performance in history and examination during internship.  As noted by the authors, the checklists reward exhaustive “rote memorization rather than actual skill”, while educators value “a hypothesis-driven and focused history and physical examination”. — Laura Willett, MD

Cuddy MM, Winward ML, Johnston MM, Lipner RS, Clauser BE. Acad Med. 2015 Sep 21.
Evaluating Validity Evidence for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Data Gathering and Data Interpretation Scores: Does Performance Predict History-Taking and Physical Examination Ratings for First-Year Internal Medicine Residents?
Acad Med. 2015 Sep 21.

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