Double Check That Citation! Misrepresentation Of Publications By Residency Applicants

Publication   The investigators of this study examined data from the Canadian Resident Match Service (similar to the US Electronic Residency Application Service, or ERAS) to assess misrepresentation of publications reported among applicants to Canadian otolaryngology residency programs over a 3-year period. Citations were verified using PubMed, Google Scholar and electronic journals, with misrepresentation defined as falsely claiming authorship of an existing article, claimed authorship of a non-existing article, or improper order of authorship. Of a total of 427 peer-reviewed publications reported by 124 of 182 applicants, 385 were verified, and 47 (12%) were misrepresented by 29 (23%) of applicants. Age, gender, prior academic degree, and number of citations per applicant were not associated with likelihood of misrepresentation. This study adds to existing single institution-based studies describing publication misrepresentation in residency applicants. — Sarang Kim, MD.

Sater L, Schwartz JS, Coupland S, Young M, Nguyen LH, Nationwide study of publication misrepresentation in applicants to residency. Med Educ. 2015 Jun;49(6):601-11.

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