The Multiple Mini-Interview May Be Subject To Effects From Socio-Economic Status

multiple-mini-interview In a single-school descriptive study, low socio-economic status had a modest negative effect on the pooled MMI rater score.  The magnitude of this negative effect was similar to the positive effect of female gender and age 24+ years.  Under-represented minority status had no effect on MMI score.  The negative effect of low socio-economic status on the MMI score did not translate into a negative effect on the admission decision.  That decision was made holistically, with the MMI score being a major but not sole determinant.  A  question unanswered by this study is how much traditional interviewers are affected by socio-economic status. — Laura Willett, MD

Jerant A, Fancher T, Fenton JJ, Fiscella K, Sousa F, Franks P, Henderson M. How Medical School Applicant Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status Relate to Multiple Mini-Interview-Based Admissions Outcomes: Findings From One Medical School.
Acad Med. 2015

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