We Don’t Know Much About Teaching Medical Ethics

MEDICAL_ETHICS  This Romanell report, an update from a 1985 landmark article, shows that we still know very little about the optimal goals, outcomes, teaching methods, or assessment methods of medical ethics education.  A much longer (compared to 1985) list of proposed objectives and topics is included, which will be of major interest to those involved in curricular planning.  The report also brings up some issues of faculty management:  “Achieving success requires financial support, recognition, and reward for faculty educators….  In some medical school settings, participation in medical education is implicitly devalued by the fact that teaching is a voluntary, nonremunerated activity.” — Laura Willett, MD.

Carrese JA, Malek J, Watson K, Lehmann LS, Green MJ, McCullough LB, Geller G, Braddock CH 3rd, Doukas DJ. The Essential Role of Medical Ethics Education in Achieving Professionalism: The Romanell Report. Acad Med. 2015 Apr

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