We Think The Learning Environment Is Important. Can We Measure It?

learningEnvironment  Johns Hopkins students filled out a survey including Likert-scale learning environment questions with an 81% completion rate. Investigators created a learning environment measure utilizing 28 questions which loaded into 7 general factors.  The score correlated with the students’ overall perception of the learning environment.  Out of a possible maximum score of 140, students who felt the overall learning environment was “exceptional” gave a mean score of 121, while those who felt it was “poor” or “terrible” gave a mean score of 76.  The “community of peers” factor explained by far the highest percentage of variance in the overall score. — Laura Willett, MD.

Shochet RB, Colbert-Getz JM, Wright SM. The Johns Hopkins Learning Environment Scale: Measuring Medical Students’ Perceptions of the Processes Supporting Professional Formation. Acad Med. 2015

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