Are Connectivist Massive Open Online Courses (cMOOCs) The Solution For Faculty Development In Medical Education?

facultydevelopment Academic Life in Emergency Medicine is an open access medical education web site aimed at emergency medicine practitioners.  The authors describe their experience with their first six monthly on-line scenarios that raise “nonclinical educational dilemmas”.  Each case, before posting, is reviewed by medical education experts for responses citing relevant literature.  After the case is posted on the site, readers post comments which are then analyzed and shaped into a curated community commentary by associate editors.  This commentary, along with the case and expert commentary, forms the final product.  Pageviews in the first week after a scenario was posted ranged from 493 (mentor-mentee relationships) to 1,124 (job negotiations).  Given difficulties with achieving attendance to in-person faculty development sessions by clinically busy faculty, an interactive web-based platform may be part of the solution — Laura Willett, MD.

Chan TM, Thoma B, Lin M. Creating, Curating, and Sharing Online Faculty Development Resources: The Medical Education in Cases Series Experience. Acad Med. 2015

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