TBL Application Exercises: To Grade Or Not To Grade?

Team Based Learning  Team-based learning (TBL) is a widely used instructional strategy used in medical schools and involves advance preparation, read­iness assurance (IRATs/GRATs) and application of knowledge to problem-solving exercises termed Group Application (GApp) exercises. While graded IRATs and GRATs promote in-depth preparation, the foundation of TBL is the GApp exercise. Using a 22-item survey, the current study in­vestigated how the preferences and perceptions of students are influenced by graded versus ungraded GApp exercises. The data indi­cated that the perceived effectiveness of GApp exercises does not depend on grade weight. Also, the IRAT grades which reflect advance preparation by the students did not differ significantly with ungraded GApp exercises. A majority of students preferred ungraded GApp exercises and mentioned that this creates a better learning environment with reduced stress and anxiety and improves group discussion. -Sangita Phadtare, Ph.D., Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Adam S. Deardorff, Jeremy A. Moore, Colleen McCormick, Paul G. Koles, Nicole J. Borges., Incentive structure in team-based learning: graded versus ungraded Group Application exercises., Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions 2014, April, 11:6

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