Resident Candidates (Mostly Unfamiliar With The Multiple Mini-Interview) Overall Prefer The Traditional Interview

mini-interviews   Researchers anonymously surveyed emergency medicine residency interviewees at a single program (73% response rate).  Each candidate had undergone two traditional interviews and a 4-station Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) during their interview day.  Only 10% overall had previously experienced the MMI, and 60% preferred the traditional interview format.  Potential reasons for the preference were substantial minorities feeling that the MMI required specialized knowledge, and that the MMI gave them less opportunity to present an accurate portrayal of themselves. — Laura Willett, MD

Soares WE 3rd, Sohoni A, Hern HG, Wills CP, Alter HJ, Simon BC Comparison of the Multiple Mini-Interview With the Traditional Interview for U.S. Emergency Medicine Residency Applicants: A Single-Institution Experience. Acad Med. 2014 Oct 14.

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