E-Journal Articles Encourage Critical Thinking

eJournal  Educators at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School used guided reviews of online e-journals as a tool to promote collaborative learning among first year medical students.   After reading medical journal articles posted online, students, either individually or in groups, answered on-line questions about the articles.  Students needed to integrate the basic science knowledge they received from class lectures to correctly answer the questions.  Answers were posted either individually or in groups of four, encouraging peer teaching and collaboration.  Greater than 90% of the students responded well to factoid-based questions as well as questions which required a higher level of reasoning, as judged by faculty reviewers.  In addition, based on the students’ evaluations, the students found the exercise useful as a tool to foster critical analysis of medical journal articles as well as a good way to review the basic science material taught in class.  – Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

Abali EE, Phadtare S, Galt J, Brodsky B.,An online guided e-journal exercise in pre-clerkship years: oxidative phosphorylation in brown adipose tissue., Biochem Mol Biol Educ. 2014 May-Jun;42(3):259-69.

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