Do Good Medical Students Make Good Doctors?

fourth_year This study looks at the relationship between the performance of students in their last year of undergraduate medical school and in their first roles as junior doctors. Data (grade point average, last year Emergency Medicine attachment exam, and 6th year written examination) were collected from 200 students in their final year (6th year) of their Australian medical education.  In addition, results of each student’s performance in their initial clinical assignments post graduation were obtained.  These are measured by the Junior Doctor Assessment Tool, which evaluates newly-graduated doctors’ clinical management skills, communication skills, and professional behavior throughout the first two postgraduate years.  No single undergraduate assessment reliably predicted the performance of the students once they started clinical practice, however, taken as an aggregate, these scores correlated with their achievement as measured by the Junior Doctor Assessment Tool.  – Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D.

Relationships between academic performance of medical students and their workplace performance as junior doctors. Carr SE, Celenza A, Puddey I, Lake F
BMC Medical Education [BMC Med Educ] 2014 Jul 30; Vol. 14 (1), pp. 157.

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