Improving Quality Improvement (QI) Education

quality_improvement  Two small studies in this month’s Academic Medicine describe the results of QI education at their institutions. Residents, faculty, and staff at the White River Junction (VT) VA hospital were interviewed, and critical care fellows at Mayo Clinic were serially surveyed regarding their programs. Both groups of learners had overall positive responses to the programs, and both studies report marked improvements in care delivery metrics such as vaccination rates, delivery of embolism prophylaxis, smoking-cessation interventions, compliance with an intubation safety checklist, compliance with sedation interruption guidelines, and decreased inappropriate bladder catheterization. In contrast to a recently-reviewed article from UC-San Francisco, learners were not directly rewarded for the achievement of quality goals; however it is clear that these programs require resources, namely protected faculty time and the services of a research assistant or data analyst. In the VA study, residents also mentioned the importance of a resident room with a white board to track QI project progress. Attitudinal resources are required as well: the expectation that this is part of everyone’s medical education; the ability to incorporate QI teaching and projects into regular workdays; the involvement of multiple levels and types of learners in the projects; and the ability to “hand-off” QI projects from one group of learners to another as learners go to various rotations. — Laura Willett, MD

Educational System Factors That Engage Resident Physicians in an Integrated Quality Improvement Curriculum at a VA Hospital: A Realist Evaluation. Ogrinc G, Ercolano E, Cohen ES, Harwood B, Baum K, van Aalst R, Jones AC, Davies L. Acad Med. 2014 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]

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Quality Improvement Education Incorporated as an Integral Part of Critical Care Fellows Training at the Mayo Clinic. Kashani KB, Ramar K, Farmer JC, Lim KG, Moreno-Franco P, Morgenthaler TI, Dankbar GC, Hale CW.Acad Med. 2014 Jul 1. [Epub ahead of print]

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