Script Concordance Testing: the Holy Grail for Testing Clinical Reasoning?

clinical_reasoning    Unlike traditional OSCEs, script concordance testing (SCT) has been shown to differentiate expert physicians vs. novice learners in cross-sectional studies.  In this first longitudinal study of SCT, researchers show that two cohorts of medical students markedly improved their clinical reasoning skills as measured on script concordance testing between their second and fourth years.  In SCT, students are given a clinical situation with natural ambiguity and asked if a new piece of information would change their diagnostic or therapeutic decisions in a major way, a minor way, or not at all. — Laura Willet, MD

Humbert AJ, Besinger B, Miech EJ., “Assessing clinical reasoning skills in scenarios of uncertainty: convergent validity for a Script Concordance Test in an emergency medicine clerkship and residency.  Academic Emergency Medicine, 2011 Jun;18(6):627-34.

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