Multiple Mini-interviews for Medical School Admission: Asking Candidates to Recall What They’ve Done Is Better Than Asking Them To Imagine What They Would Do.

admissionsThe multiple mini-interview(MMI) has been shown to reliably predict success in medical school and has become the standard approach to selecting candidates for medical school admission. This study by Eva et al examines MMI’s reliability characteristics using various structured station types with 41 real medical school candidates that volunteered to participate. While scores from different stations were generally consistent, behavioral interview stations, where applicants were asked to recall what they did in experienced situations, more reliably differentiated between candidates (G=0.77) than did situational judgment stations where applicants were asked to imagine what they would do in specific situations (G=0.69) or free form stations (G=0.66). This study largely confirms findings from prior literature in that independent, multiple ratings can provide meaningful information about candidates’ skills, with the addition that behavioral interviewing is better than situational judgment. –Sarang Kim, MD

Kevin W Eva and  Catherine Macala, Multiple mini-interview test characteristics: ‘tis better to ask candidates to recall than to imagine  Medical Education 2014; 48(6)604-13

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