Measuring (and Rewarding!) Clinical Educator Scholarship

measuring_scholarship Clinical teaching continues to be under recognized in academic medicine. In this paper by Fisher and Rourke, a web-based annual report system created to standardize and capture all domains of clinical teaching and scholarly activity leads to an increase in clinical faculty merit awards from 17% to 39%. While educational relative value units (eRVU’s) are a familiar term to many, there is a high degree of variability in whether or how medical schools utilize eRVU’s and which activities should be captured. Despite its pre-post study design, an approach that captures clinical teaching in a more standardized and comprehensive manner, and one that may increase recognition of merit, is worth considering, and, as the author states, “may help achieve an equitable recognition for all domains of scholarship.” —Sarang Kim, MD

Fisher B, Rourke L. Recognising and rewarding clinical educator scholarship. Med Educ. 2014 May;48(5):544. doi: 10.1111/medu.12441. PubMed PMID: 24712965.

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