Loss of Idealism

Lost_Item  This study is a continuation of a prior study which surveyed first and second year medical students as to their motivation in selecting medicine as a career, factors influencing their specialty choice, and opinions about primary care.  For this part of the study the same cohort of students were again given the same survey at the end of their third and fourth years, respectively.  The study results showed that, as the students advance through their medical education, they experience a decline in idealism and value of primary care.  Their motivations, instead, shift towards job security, status, and income, as well as away from primary care.–Lee Ann Schein, Ph. D.

Mader EM, Roseamelia C, Morley CP. The temporal decline of idealism in two cohorts of medical students at one institution. BMC Med Educ. 2014 Mar 24;14(1):58.

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