E-Learning v. Classroom Lectures

e-Learning_v_classroom    This small study compared e-learning with traditional lecture-type learning.  Two groups of 5th year dental students, with similar GPAs, were given the same course but with different teaching modalities.  One group was required to attend conventional lectures.  The experimental group accessed the material through a virtual learning environment which included on-line lectures, on-line peer texting, and video conferences.  Assessments were given to each group upon course completion, to test acquisition of the material, and again two months later, to test retention.  The mean scores for both of these exams were higher in the e-learning group, pointing to the effectiveness of virtual learning modalities.  –Lee Ann Schein, Ph. D.

Moazami F, Bahrampour E, Azar MR, Jahedi F, Moattari M. Comparing two methods of education (virtual versus traditional) on learning of Iranian dental students: a post-test onlydesign study. BMC Med Educ. 2014 Mar; 14(1):45.

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