What Should an Intern Know in July?

Clincal_Skills    Internal medicine program directors were surveyed regarding the skills that interns should have on arrival to their programs.  No clinical educator should be surprised that the number one skill was “Knowing when to seek assistance”, ranked as high priority by 95.7% of respondents.  Other skills that were quite highly ranked included communication skills, ability to perform a history and physical, time management/prioritization skills, and ability to use electronic resources.  These data may help inform ongoing efforts in defining entrustable professional activities as various training time points. –Laura Willett, MD

Angus S, Vu TR, Halvorsen AJ, Aiyer M, McKown K, Chmielewski AF, McDonald FS. What skills should new internal medicine interns have in July? A national survey of internal medicine residency program directors. Acad Med. 2014 Mar;89(3):432-5.

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