What Do Your Students Really Think About Your Feedback? The Answer May Surprise You.

feedback_2014  Most of the research on feedback has focused on how educators should give feedback. In the recent years, there has been increasing attention to the role of the student in the feedback process. In this interesting qualitative study of medical students’ narratives about their feedback experiences, authors find that students often perceive feedback as a one-way process that “happens ‘to’ them rather than ‘with’ them.”  Negative emotion was highly prevalent in student narratives, with a pervasive sense of ‘them and us” between students and feedback providers. Illustrative quotes provided in the paper’s tables are worth reading prior to your next feedback session with students. – Sarang Kim, MD

Urquhart LM, Rees CE, Ker JS. Making sense of feedback experiences: a multi-school study of medical students’ narratives. Med Educ 2014;48:189-203

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