Residents/Fellows and Hospitals Line up Incentives for Quality Improvement (QI)

QI   Educators at UCSF describe a robust QI program which had an impressive level of accomplishment of shared quality, satisfaction, and operational goals.  Examples are compliance with hand hygiene, decreasing the orders for “routine” laboratory tests, and completing a discharge summary on the day of discharge.  An unusual feature of this program was direct payment of bonuses to residents and fellows when their group achieved agreed-upon goals; these bonuses amounted to $800 per year per participant. – Laura Willett, MD

Vidyarthi AR, Green AL, Rosenbluth G, Baron RB. Engaging residents and fellows to improve institution-wide quality: the first six years of a novel financial incentive program. Acad Med. 2014 Mar;89(3):460-8.

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