Lots of Barriers to Bedside Rounding

bedside_rounding  Peer-identified “respected bedside teachers” were interviewed and identified multiple barriers to bedside rounding, including systems issues (e.g. geography, small rooms and large teams), time pressures, and low learner comfort with bedside rounding.  What might be more interesting is to discover the barriers which stop attendings from becoming “respected bedside teachers”. -Laura Willett, MD

Gonzalo JD, Heist BS, Duffy BL, Dyrbye L, Fagan MJ, Ferenchick G, Harrell H, Hemmer PA, Kernan WN, Kogan JR, Rafferty C, Wong R, Elnicki DM. Identifying and Overcoming the Barriers to Bedside Rounds: A Multi-Center Qualitative Study . Acad Med. 89(2), February 2014, p 326–334.

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