Adopting a Blended Learning Approach to Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine: a Mixed Methods Study

evidence-based-medicine_blended  Two delivery methods for teaching Evidence Based medicine (EBM), a didactic approach and a blended-learning approach, were compared.  Students’ competencies in EBM, performance on criterion-based assessment tasks, as well as students perceptions on the teaching methods were all evaluated in this study.  The results showed no statistical difference in the EBM competency between the groups.  The Blended Learning group, however, preformed significantly better on one of the Assessment Tasks assigned to evaluate EBM competency.  In addition, students preferred the blended-leaning approach since it integrated the theoretical concepts of EBM with the practical situations inherent in clinical practice, leading to increased attitudes and behavior towards adopting EBM in clinical practice. -Lee Ann Schein, Ph.D

Ilic D, Hart W, Fiddes P, Misso M, Villanueva E. Adopting a blended learning approach to teaching evidence based medicine: a mixed methods study. BMC Med Educ. 2013 Dec 17;13:169.

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