How To Do More With Fewer Primary Care Doctors

Both of these articles discuss ways to use outpatient physicians more efficiently through the utilization of nurses, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and non-professional staff such as medical assistants and patient navigators.  NPs and PAs may function as full primary care providers, while RNs may take on major responsibility for care coordination for patients with complex conditions.  Other providers may take on jobs such as chart review to identify care gaps or overdue services, motivational interviewing, health coaching, monitoring of medication adherence, or home visits for recently discharged patients.  Physicians then would be mainly concerned with the most complex patients, requiring more advanced decision-making.– Laura Willett, MD

Garson A Jr. New Systems of Care Can Leverage the Health Care Workforce: How Many Doctors Do We Really Need? Acad Med 88(12): Dec 2013.

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Ladden MD, Bodenheimer T, Fishman NW, Flinter M, Hsu C, Parchman M, Wagner EH. The Emerging Primary Care Workforce: Preliminary Observations From the Primary Care Team: Learning From Effective Ambulatory Practices Project. Acad Med. 88(12): Dec 2013 .

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